Sunday, January 28, 2007


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Found the Lost ones

yesterday i found my nazams i wrote last year. I lost somewhere and yesterday my baba was looking for his stuff and he found one envelope with my nazams. I am so happy.


Friday, November 03, 2006


Thank you GH for such a nice tag. I would like to tag: Aks, khawab, and Raheel.

Buying clothes:1. Do you look at country of manufacture or quality of manufacture?
A:Both (country of manufacturer – only for one coutnry) and Quality.

2.Do you make sure they are natural fabrics?


3.Sunglasses, fashion or protection?

4.If you were a dog, would you bark or bite?
A:I would change the idiom – barking dog always Bite

5.Do you turn your cellphone off before going to sleep?

6.You came home from out and have an hour to go before going out to meet a friend,what is the most probable thing which you'll do in that hour?
A: Nothing special, just take bath, change my clothe and take a cup of tea.

7.What's you favourite state of chocolate, liquid or solid?
A: Solid (In liquid, I only like hot chocolate)

8.What would you choose..A noticeable pay hike or noticeable improvement in work environment?
A: At this stage of my career, I definitely go with Noticeable Improvement in work environment bearing in mind that pay plays an important role in your life too.

9.What do you enjoy more.. Staying indoors with friends talking meaningfully or hanging around with friends outdoors?
A: meaningful talk can be held outside as well.

and last one,

10. If all the music artists come to a deliberate agreement to perform their last concert on the same day,whose concert will you attend?
A: Sajjad Ali – (I guess – tuf choice though)


Monday, October 30, 2006

Crisis Management

I have been to Karachi for Eid. I found that most of the peple were affraid of dangue virus. I was informed that at Agha Khan Hospital (one of the most prestagious institue of Paksitan) displayed a card in Emergency Ward that no beds are available. When one of my friends visited AKH, he saw approximately 75 people hit by the same virus. I beleive it is the same in all Hospitals in Karachi. Now my question is: when we, as a Pakistani nation, will be able to cope this type of situation? why we cant have special arrangements in Hospitals? and why we can not prepare a crisis management plans? The answers may be: we are not serious? we have no resources? or we have not much fundings? etc .... i believe its all shit, instead its only because we are not faithful with our country and we dont care about the human life..isnt it?


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kia Khoya Kia Paya (What we have achieved and What we have lost)

Its been exactly a year …. It was Ramadan, almost the same time when I reached home (I was home alone then) turned on my Television and found that Sonia Khan appealing for the Kafan for the dead bodies in Kashmir due to earthquake, the catastrophe happened in October last year. I felt terrible then, my eyes were full of tears, pain in the heart, mind was shut, all around was too dark and suffocation. I started writing so many things about the incidents with full sympathies to those who lost their loved ones, fie upon those who were taking advantage of that terrible accident, collecting money in the office for them, talking about Pakistani-ism, the courage of youth, their unity and discipline and the willingness to do something good for Pakistan, promising each other that this is not finished – we have to work hard to settling the displaced person and help them to re-build their lives. I hope you all did the same thing……but what happened then, where we lost and why we lost our commitment, our unity, and our willingness. How many of us, really, have done something - forget about doing something, how many of us have really thought about them while we were dining out, planning for the foreign trip, thinking about new car, new job, new clothes, etc. ‘WE’ never thought as ‘WE’, I guess its all about ‘me’ , ‘me’, and ‘me’.

I have to admit that I really have done nothing after that emotional period (around may by 2 months), not even thought of spending some amount of my money or time for them. Why we have lost our path, our Pakistani-ism, our positive thinking, approach, and attitudes toward the re-building of the nation? I have no answer….. do you have?


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Farz Karo .....

My Lates Nazam for your comments:

Farz karo yeh saree nazmain saree ghazlain
Jhoot hoteen, afsanay hotay
Farz karo woh saree batain, saray waday
Jhoot hotay aur dhokay hotay
Farz karo woh chandnee ratain, shabname subhain,
Jo hum nay saath beeta-ay thay
Bas faqat samjhota hotay
Farz karo baylay key lareeaan, choree key kareean
Bay rang hoteen bay saaz hoteen
Aur farz karo k hum dono..... 'hum' na hotay
May aur tum hotay
Aur farz karo-yeh phool, hawa, barish aur titlee
Bas mehaz istay-ary hotay
Farz karo piyar, mohabbat waday wafa sub
Khawahishon k raylay hotay
Farz karo woh saree nibah kay payma-an
Mattee k gharonday hotay
Aur had-day nigah dil key gahraion k paas paas -farz karo koee na hota
Na may, na tum, na hum
Sirf gumnaam hawa ka jhonka hota, raat hotee aur bay-bas see aik khawahish hotee
Meree soch to is say agay ab ataknay lagtee hay
Magar meree jaan
Sach batao, k agar yeh sab such hota
To tum ko yeh sab kaisa lagta?


Monday, September 25, 2006

Aik Khalish .......

Kuch dam ghutnay say martay hain
Kuch khush ho ho kay martay hain
Apnee apnee qismat hay kuch bay wajah he martay hain
May to shayad khuch he hoon
Phir bhee kiyon mabhoos sa hoon
Ay kaash yeh ramz may jaan layta k
Zindagee kay mo-am-may may zindagee ka hal bhee hay.